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Nordic Walking Canberra

Are you pounding the pavement for what feels like forever and still not reaching your fitness goals?

Discover how Nordic Walking can achieve fantastic results for you.

Nordic Walking is a form of fitness walking using specially designed poles and a learned technique. It is a low impact activity that produces high results and can be performed by anyone, anywhere, at any time, is affordable and most importantly lots of fun!

Nordic Walking is basically an enhancement of ordinary walking. Walking with poles adds two major benefits; upper body muscles are used as well as the legs and they propel you along, this means that you are working harder than usual yet the support given by the poles makes it feel easier and the pressure is taken off the lower legs and back.

It offers people of all ages and fitness levels an impressive variety of benefits; from sports cross training, to injury rehabilitation, to weight loss and chronic disease management.

Linda Clee from Phytlinc Physiotherapy has been teaching Nordic Walking for over 6 years and is an accredited Instructor/ Trainer through Nordic Academy. All of our physiotherapists at Phytlinc are qualified Nordic Walking instructors and due to the significant health benefits and rising popularity of Nordic Walking we have estabilished Nordic Walking division of Phytlinc Physiotherapy - Nordic Walking Canberra. Nordic Walking Canberra offers Nordic Walking small group sessions as well as private lessons. Package deals including poles are also available.

The Health Benefits of Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is truly a holistic and natural form of exercise that greatly benefits the whole body without the strain and pain often incurred by other comparable forms of exercise.

Studies in Europe and the United States have proved the following health benefits of Nordic Walking:

Nordic walking also has many other great benefits:

Modifications of techniques and degrees of intensity means that Nordic Walking can be used for a wide variety persons and purposes including for health (a gentle form of exercise to increase mobility, coordination and balance), for injury rehabilitation (using poles for aided support and functional movement), and for for fitness and sports performance enhancement (effective cross training is achieved with variations on the technique).

The History of Nordic Walking

Since the early 20th century various forms of walking with poles have been used by cross country skiers to maintain physical fitness over the summer months, however the development of the form of fitness walking with specially designed poles we see today is much more recent. In 1985 an American cross country skier and coach called Tom Rutlin combined fitness walking with a variation of his ski poles to invent what he called the ‘Exerstrider’ technique. Then, more than 10 years later, during the spring of 1997 a Finnish sports institute and ski pole company came together to engineer special high performance poles and to develop a refined technique which would deliver the maximum health and fitness benefits. Thus it was in Finland that today's most widely used form of fitness walking with poles was born - hence the name ‘Nordic walking’. The rapid global rise and popularity of Nordic walking is practically incomparable to any other sport or activity. Being such a time-efficient, low-stress, social and challenging total body workout that almost anyone can do is a tremendous and truly unbeatable combination - which gives plenty of reason as to just why Scandinavians and masses of Europeans have taken to Nordic walking as their favourite activity so quickly. And it is no surprise that it is now spreading rapidly to every corner of the world, with amazing growth and popularity now happening in the US, UK, and Asia. In Australia, Nordic walking is in its early days – this new (and at first slightly weird looking) activity is just beginning to become widely known and accepted. There are however, already a large number of dedicated and passionate enthusiasts who are regularly hitting our city and suburban footpaths, and beautiful nature trails with their specially designed fitness walking poles. The contagious enthusiasm of these people combined with qualified instructors and the proven popularity and success worldwide means that the Nordic Walking movement is set to skyrocket here.

How do I get started?

Attending a lesson to learn the correct technique from a qualified instructor is advised. It is important that proper technique is attained to prevent injury but most importantly to achieve the maximum health benefits offered by Nordic walking.

A 30-60 minute Nordic walking lesson can be booked with any of the expert physios at Phytlinc. Fitting of poles is included and poles are available for sale.